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She Appears: Encounters with Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion

She Appears:  Encounters with Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion

Written by Sandy Boucher, M.A., Chapter by Jacqueline Gautier, M.A.

Chapter 5: Visitations/Gradual Awakenings….Kwan Yin Visitation, Memoir

Referred to as the “Celestial Bodhisattva of Compassion,” the Asian Goddess Kwan Yin manifests herself to those in need around the world in myriad forms.  Sometimes encountered in the peacefulness of nature, other times seen as a benevolent caregiver, Kwan Yin is vast, readily accessible to each and every one of us whether we are experiencing our darkest moment or realizing a rare twinkling of transcendence.  Throughout this book, powerful encounters with Kwan Yin are described in essays, poems, stories, and art work.  With each page turned, you will find yourself recognizing how Kwan Yin’s wise, compassionate energy has been impacting you all along and you will be inspired to further look for her in places you have previously discounted, including your own nature.


Treasure! Creative Adventures in Self-Discovery

Jacqueline Gautier

By Jacqueline Gautier & Sheryl Mills
Creativity is hazardous to a mediocre life and
pretty much everything else that ails you!

The book...
This soft-cover publication is a collection of fifteen interactive creativity "keys" designed to propel the reader into new dimensions of self-discovery and action.  Treasure! Creative Adventures in Self-Discovery can be used as a resource manual, storybook, workbook, or teaching aid.  Each "key" activity is formatted with background information, instructions, space for the readers' work and reflections, and an in-depth discussion essay.  The appendices relating to each key are rich with insightful conversations, journal entries and illustrations from the authors as they "accompany" the reader on their creative journey.

Treasure! Creative Adventures in Self-Discovery demystifies and honors the remarkable life-giving and healing energy of creativity.  It enhances the awareness that we are all creative beings, gifted with unique and diverse talents.  The keys are designed to fully engage readers to unlock and explore the depths of their creativity and foster passionate, full potential living.  They offer a myriad of sensory expansion tools such as visualizations, storytelling, journaling, music, body movement and various art mediums to access and expand the mental, spiritual and physical realms.  The cover features a beautiful Courney Milne photograph from his book Emily Carr Country.  The cover design, book layout and printing is by the Univeristy of Saskatchewan Printing Services.

The Audience...
This book addresses a number of audiences including anyone wishing to learn more about themselves and expand their creativity.  Given its focus on mind, body and spirit, it includes a wide range of disciplines such as the expressive arts, self-help, health and wellness, art therapy, psychology and spirituality.  It can be used by individuals and in group situations.

The authors have endeavored to write in a professional yet personally intimate style in order to include people from diverse backgrounds in relations to gender, age, education, culture and spirituality.

The Authors...
Jacqueline Gautier has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology with a specialty in Expressive Arts, and is a certified Integrated Health Practitioner in Guided Imagery and Hospice.  She has trained with numerous internationally renowned creative and spiritual luminaries.  She currently works as a counsellor for Jacqueline Gautier Counselling and NARSF Programs Ltd., and enjoys giving workshops and seminars.  Her passion is writing, but she also enjoys visiting with her four sons and granddaughter, playing the harp, painting, traveling and the occasional game of tennis.

Sheryl Mills has a Masters Degree in Educational Administration and her Ph.D. is in progress.  She has been involved in some form of education for the past twenty-five years.  She also travels, goes for coffee with friends, enjoys the company of her two sons and helps people design their interior spaces.

The Publisher....
Creativity Café is an independently owned and operated publishing house.  It is a place that fosters and celebrates creativity and personal growth.  The Treasure! Creative Adventures in Self-Discovery ISBN number is 0-9689629-0-4.

The Price...
Treasure! Creative Adventures in Self-Discovery is available for $24.00 (GST included).